Couples using The Wedding Lens collect more than 585 photos!

Couples using The Wedding Lens collect thousands of photos!

Built specifically with weddings in mind, The Wedding Lens provides automated e-mail reminders and flexible access methods to encourage your guests to share their photos and videos. We’ve even asked some of our most successful couples to share their tips.

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Easy-to-use tool = less time teaching relatives how to upload photos

Easy-to-use tool = less time teaching relatives how to upload photos

Our customers rave about how easy it is for guests to view and upload photos. With an intuitive design and registration-free access, you can relax and enjoy your honeymoon knowing that your guests are uploading photos without your help!

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Wedding photos don’t have to be expensive

Collecting more photos means lower photography costs

Brides love how cost-effectively The Wedding Lens collects their guests' full-resolution photos into one album. Many couples saved money by replacing disposable cameras, and some resourceful brides even reduced their professional photographer costs by using The Wedding Lens.

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The average wedding produces more CO than the average person emits in an entire year.

Limit your carbon footprint and replace disposable cameras

The average wedding produces more CO2 than the average person emits in an entire year. Disposable cameras are not biodegradable and you must print the entire roll just to find the few you love. By using The Wedding Lens, you can selectively print only the photos you love and everything is digital!

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  • Personalized URL – [brideandgroom]
  • Registration-Free Guest Access
  • Automated Email Reminders Specifically Timed for Weddings
  • Easy Bulk Uploading
  • Bulk Downloading of Full-Resolution Photos with Premium Albums

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“If you’ve considered leaving disposable cameras on reception tables for guests to take pictures of your wedding, the Wedding Lens is something you might want to know more about...Brides rave about being able to see photos of their celebration from the guests’ perspective. Another bonus?...”
– Washingtonian

“I think it's ingenious! I wandered around their site yesterday and really appreciated how user-friendly it is. Simple, straightforward, share-able.”
– Wedding Tulle

“You and your guests can upload pictures to your album, share the album, print pictures, group and organize your album, leave comments, and so on.”
– Blue Planet Wedding

“For those that don't know yet, it takes many weeks for the professional photographers to sort through the 100's of photos they shot at your wedding, edit, organize, and that means you wait for what seems like an eternity to see your FABULOUS pictures from your special day...It's GREAT! ...”
– Just Dandy!

“The Wedding Lens is a site where your guests are able to upload their digital photos to your online album and then you end up with hundreds of photos from your friends and families perspective. Another idea I wish existed when I was getting married. :)”
– SJB Weddings and Events

“The Wedding Lens is a photo sharing site specifically designed for weddings. They are relatively new and are trying to help couples make their weddings a bit greener while collecting their photo memories...All in all it’s a very green way to organize and store your wedding memories, all...”
– Feelgood Style

“I really, really like what The Wedding Lens has created here. Rather than your typical online album, they've done two things that I thought were quite unique: one, their albums are created specifically for weddings and two, they've made it easier for all your guests to upload their phot...”
– Earth Friendly Weddings

“I'm sure a significant number of your guests will have digital cameras at the ready to snap some pics of your wedding. But how do you get to see and share the pictures without a lengthy visit and uploading session with all your friends? By trying a site like The Wedding Lens! ”
– Bridalwave

“We all know that after the wedding is over, one of the only tangible things you have to look back on are the pictures. Hiring a great photographer is so important but it can be months before you get to see all they have captured (torture, I tell you). So, a lot of people have started cr...”
– With This Ring

“Amazing! We have been blown away by your web site and how it has impacted our wedding experience. We were married on Saturday and already we have 1500 pictures from 18 guests. It has made our wedding have a life beyond the wedding day and we have been thrilled to see all of ou...”
– Josh and Brett · 1932 photos & 4 videos from 223 people

“When family, friends or associates want to know the best way to accomplish something technical, I am generally one of the first people they call. I have tested or used flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, and a number of other free and paid online...”
– Gabriel and Joy · 3585 photos from 92 people

“Your site is unbelievable. Over the weekend, I purchased a Photobucket Pro account and quickly discovered that my technically-inept relatives would never figure out how to upload photos into a group album there. After looking around The Wedding Lens and signing up for a free a...”
– Jeff and Wendy · 213 photos from 8 people

“Since everyone carries their own digital camera today, we wanted to make sure we could combine all the pictures taken on our special day. The Wedding Lens gave our guests the opportunity to upload their photos and download others, and we didn't have to ...”
– Autumn and Nat · 812 photos from 270 people

“I attended the wedding of my close friend who used The Wedding Lens. There I swapped email addresses with other guests because I knew I didn't get all of the pictures I wanted. Then I discovered The Wedding Lens, which was much easier than email, sinc...”
– Sarah Jane · 441 photos from 113 people

“We have gotten a huge number of photos from friends and family through the site (to be honest, probably more than we will ever use - but it's still nice to have our pick of the best ones!). I've also posted the photos from our professional photographer, so that...”
– James and Alison · 862 photos from 78 people

“At last, a truly shared online wedding album. Everyone can view everyone else's pictures and videos and upload their own. Album sets can be created and changed, photos can be categorized, sorted, rotated, deleted and titled easily and effectively. Anyone can a...”
– Peter S. · 287 photos & 1 video from 73 people

“My wife and I used WeddingLens for our wedding last year, and we got ~1000 photos within about a week (our wedding had about 60 guests). Well worth the price.”
– Leo & Grace · 0 photos from 0 people

“Just wanted to let you know I'm loving your site... I've always wanted a site where you can invite people to upload pics on the same album, AND lets you download full-res pics. Before Alex told me about your site, I was ready to pass around a flash drive to all...”
– Anisha & Neil · 1241 photos from 19 people

“The Wedding Lens is designed specifically for wedding photos. It was a great way for our guests to share and view the photos. Plus I love having all the pictures in one place and the abiliity to download full resolution photos.”
– Ali & Dylan · 2080 photos from 168 people

“The Wedding Lens website is an awesome idea! When it comes to special events like wedding, it's nice to have the original size pics in case you wanted to print them out.”
– Lotus & Kuan · 1558 photos from 106 people

“Thank you SO much! I want to take the time to say how great the website is and how easy and quick the download process is. What a great website! And I'll definitely spread the word to other brides-to-be and couples. I just think it's such a cool ...”
– Deb & Shawn · 226 photos from 47 people

“My husband and I love using The Wedding Lens to conveniently collect and store all of our friends and family's personal photos of our big day. We especially enjoy being able to download full resolution photos and being able to sort each image by event or by a...”
– Daliah and Guy · 0 photos from 0 people

“Before the wedding we didn't think about the need to find a photo sharing site. But the day after the wedding, we realized that we didn't have a single photograph of the two of us from the wedding and our photographer wouldn't provide us with the pr...”
– Vandana & Seyi · 397 photos from 73 people

“This is such a wonderful thing!! I am retired woman and Nana to a recent bride. I thought I would not be able to manage to get (printed) copies, but they walked me thru the process and miracle, made it easy for me to pick and choose the pi...”
– (Nana of) Amy & Tim · 0 photos from 0 people

“We were so happy to come across your site during our wedding planning. We had a 300 person wedding so having a central location where all our guests could share their photos really helped us relive the night and see the moments that we missed. Plus o...”
– Keri and Darren · 343 photos from 171 people

“We had a great time at our wedding filled with our memories and the snapshots of our photographer. The Wedding Lens helped us capture the memories of our friends as they experienced it and it allowed everyone to experience it through a different lens. Thank...”
– Alvin & Christina · 862 photos from 78 people

“The Wedding Lens is great!! We didn't get our professional photos until about a month after the wedding but we had a reception a week after in Taiwan. We were able to use the great photos our friends shared with us! An extra plus other than just having access to all the photos...”
– Cindy & Eugene · 566 photos from 52 people