The Wedding Lens in a Nutshell

The Wedding Lens is an elegant, wedding-specific online photo sharing site. Effortlessly collect and share full-resolution photos from your family and friends with registration-free access.

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Forget about disposable cameras - digital photos are better quality, easier, and more environmentally friendly.

How It All Started

The Wedding Lens started in 2007 when Justin, one of the founders, was getting married and couldn't find an effective way for guests to share photos without ending up with photo album links from lots of different photos sites (Facebook, flickr, snapfish, picasa, etc.).

Justin and his bride wanted guests to be able to share photos, but they could find only photo-sharing sites that allowed each guest to upload pictures to a different account and then send the links to the albums back and forth - resulting in a disjoint experience. It was also hard for them to upload high-resolution copies of the photos that guests had taken.

The answer was a solution that John, one of the other founders, whipped together immediately after the wedding. The solution proved to be a useful way for the guests to upload and download each other photos and was especially useful for the bride and groom. After some discussion with other newlyweds who wished they had the solution and the wedding guests, the early prototype became the foundation for The Wedding Lens you see today.

The Team


John Li

John has a MS from University of Washington and a BS from UC Berkeley. He builds things and is the first line of defense against bugs on the site.

John is married and enjoys going to weddings. Invite him to yours!


Justin Chen

Justin has a MS from Santa Clara University and a BS from UC Berkeley. He also builds things and tries to make sure things are running smoothly.

Justin was married in 2007. His photo collection woes were the impetus for The Wedding Lens. He enjoys giving unsolicited wedding planning advice.

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