Photos from the Whole Wedding!

With disposable cameras, you only get to see photos from the reception; with The Wedding Lens, you get all the photos your guests took throughout the WHOLE wedding!

Higher Quality

Disposable cameras give you poor quality photos, often blurry ones. And you don’t know it until you’ve printed them. The Wedding Lens lets you look at all the photos, but only print the great ones!

Save Money

Because of The Wedding Lens, you won’t have to buy disposable cameras AND you won’t have to pay to print all those blurry photos! Instead, your guests will just upload the photos that they’re already taking on their digital cameras and you can print only the best photos!


Disposable cameras aren’t biodegradable and printing photos from disposable cameras uses lots of paper – especially for those blurry photos or the photos that don’t turn out. Instead, The Wedding Lens lets you see the photos your guests are already taking and view them before choosing to print. You only use paper to print the photos you want and there’s no camera to dispose!


Your site is unbelievable. Over the weekend, I purchased a Photobucket Pro account and quickly discovered that my technically-inept relatives would never figure out how to upload photos into a group album there. After looking around The Wedding Lens and signing up for a free account, I upgraded to a premium account the same day. Within an hour of sending out my album invitations, my relatives had already uploaded dozens of pictures. The interface is very clean, simple, and easy to use. Great job!

Jeff and Wendy | Jensen Beach, FL

April 2010

· 213 photos from 8 people