A Video Walkthrough of The Wedding Lens

1. Invite your guests to take lots of photos!

That should be easy! With 77% of Americans owning digital cameras today, most of your guests will be happily snapping away without even being asked!

2. Ask your guests to upload photos to your customized site

Invite your guests to upload their photos via e-mail. Don’t have your Uncle Joe’s email address? Then just direct them to your personalized URL with a memorable access code. We’ll even supply the mini reminder cards!

3. Share, organize, and comment on the photos

All of your guests will be able to upload full-resolution photos and videos into categorized sets (i.e. rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception). Everyone will be able to see and comment on other photos taken by other guests! Is that photo a little unflattering? You can decide which photos are shared and which ones are not. The best part - your guests can enjoy sharing photos without ever having to register or become a member! No logins and passwords to remember!

4. Print and download your favorites

Premium Albums on The Wedding Lens allows you to download full-resolution photos to print with your own preferred online photo printer. Too busy to sort through all of them? We can also download the entire library onto a DVD for you!

Simple and fun to use!

The Wedding Lens is the only group sharing photo site specifically designed for weddings. Learn more about why hundreds of happy couples have loved using The Wedding Lens:


When family, friends or associates want to know the best way to accomplish something technical, I am generally one of the first people they call. I have tested or used flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, and a number of other free and paid online tools. When it came time to host my own wedding photographs, I happily paid for The Wedding Lens’ service. Those other tools just aren’t designed to support group events, but the Wedding Lens is…from the ground up. We collected and organized close to 3,000 photographs from 20 different photographers in less than a week! As a self-proclaimed technologist, I rarely say that a service or technology is “the best there is.” However, when it comes to managing photos and videos for a wedding (or any other group event actually), The Wedding Lens is quite literally the best there is. It’s not even a close call, frankly. They are in a league of their own!

Gabriel and Joy | Miami Beach, FL

October 2009

· 3585 photos from 92 people