Zero Guest Registration

The Wedding Lens doesn’t require your guests to register in order to use the site. That means less accounts to maintain and remember!

Full-Resolution Downloads with the Premium Album

Many sites automatically compress your photos - The Wedding Lens does not! With the Premium album, you can upload your photos in whatever size and shape and download them in full-resolution. (This feature not supported with the Standard Album)

True Sharing Capability

Most photo sites claim they offer sharing, when in fact the flow of images is unidirectional – it’s not really “sharing” at all! With the Wedding Lens, multiple people can upload photos to your site and everyone will be able to see who took which photo. And since many of your guests may not know one another, they will be able to connect with one another by commenting on each other’s photos!

Minimal Post-Wedding Effort

The Wedding Lens Team sends out gentle email reminders to your guests so that your friends and family don’t forget to upload their photos. It takes the burden off of you because you have enough to worry about. You never have to think about bugging your friends; The Wedding Lens Team does it for you!

Wedding-Specific Design

Welcome your guests appropriately with a warm and elegant wedding-specific design. Your guests will appreciate the personal welcome page and hassle-free site.

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We have gotten a huge number of photos from friends and family through the site (to be honest, probably more than we will ever use - but it's still nice to have our pick of the best ones!). I've also posted the photos from our professional photographer, so that our family and friends can see those as well. The site has worked really well. Thanks for putting out a great product.

James and Alison |

July, 2009

· 862 photos from 78 people