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Guest Post: Picking the Right Flower for the Right Weather

We received this guest post and thought you might find it helpful!  If you are looking for flowers, be sure to check out our blog post on what flowers are in season when! It’s a well known fact that flowers are very particular about what... Read more

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How to Select a Wedding Photographer

Although you can collect all your guests' wedding photos and upload them into one online photo album, you may decide that you would like to hire a professional wedding photographer as well. When searching for a wedding photographer, there are a... Read more

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Guest Post: Top 10 Cool Wedding Gifts for The Groom

We thought you would enjoy reading this great guest post from Amy about cool gifts for the groom. Remember to share photos with your groom  -- and the rest of your guests -- by using one online photo album.   It can be slightly tough to go gift... Read more

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How to Help Out of Town Guests

A friend is getting married next year and she already knows she has a TON of out of town guests. So it got me thinking about how many things there are to do when you're traveling for a wedding. So - When you have a lot of out of town guests,... Read more

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How to Select an Online Photo Album Website

Think about all the things you want in a website where your guests upload their photos after your wedding.... 1) You dont want them to have to register for an account somewhere, right? The Wedding Lens doesn’t require your guests to register... Read more

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Selecting the Right Wedding Gown for You!

One of my friends who is getting married soon went dress shopping with one thing on her mind: she needed two gowns. Yes, it's true. She needed to get one gown for her wedding wedding, but she needed a second gown for her Chinese wedding. When... Read more

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The Wedding Lens & Disposable Cameras

So I decided that "The Wedding Lens AND Disposable Cameras" might catch your attention since The Wedding Lens is, well, better than disposable cameras for about a billion reasons. But hey, dont just take my word for it. Here are the reasons why... Read more

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Wedding Question: When to Send Save the Date?

We received the following question from a reader and thought you might benefit from her question. Remember, if you have questions, feel free to ask! I'm getting married a year from November and we already have... Read more

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How The Wedding Lens Works for You!

So you read this blog and get some wedding tips and ideas here and there, but what is The Wedding Lens? What is it? The Wedding Lens is an online photo site designed specifically for weddings so that you and your guests can share all your... Read more

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Wedding Song Selections

So you're probably thinking, as I did, that the only songs you need to come up with for your wedding are: 1) your first dance; 2) the father-daughter dance; and 3) the mother-son dance. It turns out, that's just the beginning! First, you'll... Read more

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