Capture every memory of your special day

Some of the best photos of your wedding will actually be the candid shots taken by your family and friends. See how the wedding looked through your guests’ eyes!

Save time

You have better things to do after your wedding (like your honeymoon!) than trying to collect photos from your guests. Just set it up and let The Wedding Lens do the work! Plus, those professional photos can take weeks to process. Get instant gratification with The Wedding Lens!

The Wedding Lens is also very easy to use, so you won’t need to spend time teaching your non-tech savvy relatives how to use it!

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Weddings are expensive! The Wedding Lens can help you save money without sacrificing those precious memories:

Save the environment

Sharing digital photos is better for the environment! Since everything is online, you won’t have to waste any resources. You can also selectively print only the photos you like:

Built specifically for weddings

With a warm, personalized welcome page and elegant design, The Wedding Lens is the only group photo sharing site made specifically for the couple-to-be.


Just wanted to let you know I'm loving your site... I've always wanted a site where you can invite people to upload pics on the same album, AND lets you download full-res pics. Before Alex told me about your site, I was ready to pass around a flash drive to all attendees that took pics and uploading it all myself, so it basically provided exactly what I was looking for!

Anisha & Neil |

December 18, 2008

· 1241 photos from 19 people